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1. The academic investigation into the origin of the names of adopted for professional purposes by musical performers.

2. Where bands get their names.

A word conceived for an episode of the radio show "The Ongoing History of New Music" called "Naming Your Band" which was originally aired on April 8, 2007. It was imagined by the host of the show, Alan Cross with help from Dr. Sheila Embleton, professor of linguistics and Marc Hershon a successful branding expert responsible for the now household names "Blackberry" and "Swiffer".
The bandomynology of "The White Stripes" involves a story about the correlation of Jack and Megs' last name (White), and the simple coloured pattern (red and white stripes) on one of Megs' favourite candies, mints.
by TriDawgn January 24, 2011
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