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Bandit Stamp -ing | Bandit Stamped

1. adj: To Dip ones own Testicular Scrotum in to Chocolate syrup. then to Tea Bag The other person. "

-- So that afterwards the PAST TENSE adj. <Bandit Stamped> LOOKS, Like A Bandit** looks to be wearing a robbers mask"

** Bandit Also referred to as a Raccoon and the Black mask looking appearance!

(also can be dipped in SHYT. Called POOP EYED

< preferably use a classic like Hershey, or you can be more refined and use Scharffen Berger, Michel Cluizel>

(Also called Bandit Mask)
My girl is all pissed at me because I Bandit Stamped her last night, and this morning her dad woke her up and knew exactly what it was! .. She's not really mad that I gave her a Bandit Stamp, more the thought of her dad Bandit Stamping her mom! ,,, Now I hope her dad or her find out I Bandit Stamped her mom!!

Also called Bandit Mask BandiStampi coon bobbing coon stamp
by EquiinoX August 16, 2011
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