A group of Danish Vikings who once every summer take on a various number of Greek islands, they leave the women dripping wet, the men arguing with their parents regarding changing gender. The famous Bandalèros is a group of monotheists that only practice The Circle of Death and Fun. The mob of tourists are in no doubt when visiting an Island that has been conquered by the Bandalèros as the city life is none less than glamorous.
* Also reffered to as El Bandaléros *

From: “The dairy of the poor fishermen”

After a week on the sea in rough weather conditions, we were happy finally to be back on shore. We were looking forward to dropping our catch off at our trusted customer Papadimitrios’ restaurant but to our big surprise Papadimitrios had shut down his restaurant. A few days later I meet him at the local mall where he had trouble parking his Lamborghini. I asked him “Papadimitrios where have you stolen your car?” But to my surprise that wasn’t the case. Papadimitrios proudly answered “No no my friend, The Bandalèros came to eat at my restaurant! I have bought a Ferrari for you” It was a day never to forget.

An overheard conversation between a new mother and a midwife at the local hospital on Paros.

Midwife: “Who is the father of the child”

New mother: “I don’t know, I might be one of the Bandalèros”

Midwife: “What a blessing! He will be a strong and healthy boy
by The Stimulation July 13, 2022
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