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The BandHammer of the Administrators. This word gives us the right of Band you off the network for file sharing, streaming video, taking up way to much bandwidth from other users, and just being plain stupid.

BandHammers are Admin's with the power to rule your life, and bring it to a crashing halt. These are the people with Linux servers and mac laptops in hand to control your very existence. When dumb users do stupid shit, these Admin's come in, fix the shit you broke, and make your life a living hell, by decreasing your privileges and to make sure you don't do it again.
This awesome word lets us say, "NO, I'm not going to troubleshoot your effin computer because you don't even know how to turn the damn thing on", or , * dumb user crying like a baby to the Admin saying he cant send email, "Oh, you can't send any email, hmmmmm, then learn how to change your own damn SMTP server settings to your gateway of your IP you dumb ass".

"Do not anger the BandHammer, I have root access"

"The BandHammer will Sudo Kick Your Ass"
by Chad the BandHammer February 14, 2008
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