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to breakup with someone extremely fast.
dude 1: so whats up with you and amy
dude 2: shes getting clingy i think i'm gonna have to give her the band aid breakup.
by BT2009 July 10, 2009
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The broads and blokes who perfected this art are notorious for breaking up with you so fast, you don't even know what the ripping off of a band-aid. This no-nonsense approach stings everytime, but it sure beats dancing around the issue for a few days.

You thought you were going to enjoy a lovely afternoon of sushi and sailing. Wrong. Before you can pull the chopsticks out, you realize your eyes are brimming with tears and then you hear, "Check please."
Your Friend: Hey, why are you back so early? Weren't you supposed to go out for putt-putt golf and a movie?

You: Umm, that's what I thought. Instead, it was a band-aid break-up. Right before the 4th hole, she just spun around and told me she doesn't see a future for us.

Your Friend: Ouch. Wanna do some shots?
by R. Rhys January 02, 2010
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