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a band nerd from the 70's who wore high pants, big glasses, and blue buttoned-up band sweaters to match other nerds.

the phrase "b.q's have more fun" is often seen written on the exterior of cars with various other hip words such as spiffy. the car is also more than likely smothered with rainbowsz and scientific equations.
-"did you see that one nerdy kid with the clarinet? his outfit is revolting!"
-"yeah, i heard he was a band queer."
by karl mciverson February 20, 2009
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A member of a band who is so devoted to their trade that it will dominate all parts of their life, making them socially unacceptable. Later in life they will have no career other than teaching future band queers.
Mr. Donello over there was a band queer when he was a kid. Now he teaches music class.
by Capnplunder November 29, 2007
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