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Band crack is an exclusive drug for marching band members only. It is invisible and very addicting. Generally packed into water bottles, the air of the band room, on the band bus, and in instrument cases. Without Band Crack, the students in marching band would just be normal students.

The crazier, more perverted, or more disorganized the band member, the more they've been dipping into the band more often. It is also the cause of any withdraw symptoms that may be felt when away from band.

Freshmen do not get their full supply of band crack until well into the football season.
Band Member 1: This one time at band camp....
Band Member 2: *in fits of giggles*
Non-band member: What's wrong with her?
Band Member 1: She's been into the band crack again.
by DreamersAngel September 02, 2009
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