It's when your girl has a bad case of hemoroids (beets) and can't have sex for a few days/weeks so you she sits down on a bucket of boiling water and vinegar and gives you a blow job. The boiling water and vinegar helps alleviate the pain of the hemoroids.
This technique was first practiced in the bedrooms of the beet farms in Bancroft, Ontario. Women worked hard in the fields sitting in the moist or dry dirt all day and hemoroids became a constant affliction. Their men came out of the fields hot and horny and wanting some loving which the women couldn't perform due to the hemoroids. In the 40's and 50's there was no hemoroid medications on the open market so women squatted over buckets of boiling water and vinegar to shrink their problems away. Thus came the idea of satisfying their men by performing fellatio while sitting on their buckets.
Earl got finished working a hard day in fields and Irma had a bad case of the hems so she performed the old "Bancroft Beet Farm" on him.
by Redhope July 2, 2006
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