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Banbridge is a glorious town in the rolling hills of the County Down countryside. Located on the River Bann Banbridge developed as a market town for the outlying hinterland.

The town centre is based around a main street (actually 2 streets - Bridge and Newry) in the centre of which is 'the cut'. Local legend makes it the first (trafficked) flyover bridge in

A: ireland
B: Uk
C: Europe
D: World
(take your pick, none of it is true-maybe)
The town is populated with at least 500 people and has at least 6 shops, of which at least one sells foodstuffs.

Whilst gays and non-caucasians are tolerated within the town many of these communities leave the town every October for the 'Burn them in a hole in a field' fesitval. At this festival the local folk gather together and celebrate the traditions of their fathers and fore-fathers who didn't know the meaning of the word tolerance and regularly dug holes in fields and burned the dismembered carcasses of elvish folk whilst chanting and drinking.

A wide range of people live in Banbridge, from normal people to the mentally deficient 'spides' who like to do circuits of the town in there 'souped up' shitty cars with neon, body kits, darkened windows and big exhausts.
Lets go to banbridge and sell some oranges
by banbridgerules October 27, 2011
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