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A person who supports the Alabama Crimson Tide football team and consequently possess a greater inclination to take a "shortcut" ( cheat) to accomplish even the simplest of tasks, such as recruiting a football player.

A true Bammeroid would tell a lie even when it would be easier to tell the truth. A real Bammeroid wears some sort of houndstooth as a 'crown of thorns' just like the houndstooth worn by their messiah: Paul Bear Bryant. You see this type slavishly adoring the man that 'rassled' a little bitty bear cub, smoked unfiltered cigarrettes, used hookers as a bait and switch and drank rot gut whiskey to further his football team as they won over 20 national championships.

Bammeroids generally display clouded thought processes, are quick to anger, and have trouble expressing themselves eloquently. Known to beat or shoot family members (Pinson) or significant others especially at halftime of games that the Tide is losing. In fact, Alabama has a higher rate of Trailer Park women that fall up the steps.

Bammeroids should be considered redneck, armed and dangerous.
Shug: Hey look over there!! look at the big tattooed Bammeroid.

Fulmer: Do you mean the one with the Piggly Wiggly Grocery Bag of money?
Shug: yeah, he is right next to the Escalade.


"They showed a picture of Bear Bryant, and my grandfather said, `That's one of the greatest men to ever walk this earth beside Jesus Christ and General (Robert E.) Lee," the Big Bammeroid recalled. "Then I heard the coach talk, and I fell in love. I'll never forget it."
by Phyllis from Mulga June 08, 2009
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