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A series of badly drawn cartoons by Alex Butera in which Batman (Baman) and Spiderman (Piderman) have non-sensical adventures. Even though the main characters are based off of superheroes, they are not strong or intelligent at all. In fact, one may call them retarded. Their bodies are fat and are sort of squishy-looking. The plot in each video makes no sense at all and may start with Piderman not knowing how to count to three and end with Baman in his house moving away. There are some minor characters such as Tuba and Pumpkin, who are semi-sentient beings. Consequently, this is one of the most hilarious thing ever to be created and put on the Web.
Sample from Baman Piderman:

P:"Baman, that was good song"

B:"Yeah, but you look confused"

P:"I'm going to go eat some cereal so I don't get confused"

(Tuba note)

B:"We forgot about Tuba! It's OK Tuba, you can be in the next band."

(Tuba note)

B:"I love you"

(Piderman appears on the ceiling. He is forest green)

P:"Hi, Tuba!"

B:"Why did you get green?"

(Piderman falls off the ceiling)

P:"I don't like cereal anymore."

(Tuba notes and Baman falls over doing cartwheels in the background)
by SOOPA Soup November 08, 2009
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