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This name is set in mid lakeland history as a prominent family. Before this the name Balshaw was also found in America, an individual whom was influential in the Ku Klux Klan movement. The first documented account of balshaw in modern britain was when a young ernest balshaw was arressted for acts of beastiality against a herdwick sheep. Balshaw is a norse derivitive of a the modern word "mentalist spastic" and is often found in families that represent this. Balshaw is often found in slang cumbrian for "twat with a camera" or is widley used shortened in the form as Bal-lend for describing a person who has an unhealthy relationship with modern technological developments. It is interesting to point that the B and S in Balshaw also stand for 'Bullshit.'
Oh no youv done a balshaw

You F*****g Balshaw!

Oh my god is that a Balshaw!

Oh no he went all Balshaw on me!
by LakeHistorian March 23, 2010
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