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Ballbag Olympics is a catch-all term given to any non-sexual game involving exposing one's ballbag.

This usually involves tugging one's ballbag out through the fly of one's trousers (just the scrotal skin or one or both testes) whilst in an environment not usually associated with ball sac exposure - ie. A pub, the Grand National, a car park in Runcorn, etc.

These "ball-games" include, but are not limited to:
* Ballbag golf - Basic golf, but the person with the worst score exposes their ballbag for the duration of the next hole
* Touch - A game usually played whilst under the influence of alcohol in pubs or nightclubs which involves getting one's ballbag out and "touching" it against an unsuspecting friend or, if you are feeling brave, stranger and having a third person take a photo. One point for each successful touch without the "touchee" noticing
* Background Ballbag - In which whenever you see someone about to take a photo, you whip out the old ballbag and get yourself in the background.
Carl: I feel like getting wrecked tonight Pagey, let's have a couple of schlagnogs before we go out

Pagey: Yeah, fuckin hell let's do it, let's get fuckin ballbag olympics on t'go an 'all!

Carl: I'm gonna get me old ballbag out and rest it on Jim's shoulder!

Pagey: I'm gonna rock down to electric avenue wi' me ballbag out you, daft nignog. I'm starting ballbag olympics early - take a look at this bastard!

Carl: Fuckin 'ell!
by Handsome Crab August 10, 2010
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