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The illegal process by which Ball Chowder is harvested.
Customarily, the village idiot, a senile man over the age of 90 will perform the biyearly ceremony. He masturbates into a mason jar, then, scrapes in all of the penile fungus he has developed by way of disregarding personal hygiene. The mixture is allowed to ferment for several decades, whereupon it is taste-tested and subsequently "graded." The largest importer and exporter of Ball Chowder is the nation of England, where the treat is created in every town and village. It is now a 674-Trillion Yen industry, exceeded only by the United States' imports of Saudi oil.
Have you ever had Ball Chowder from Goatssechsschyre, those peeps know Ball-Shining!
by Joey Orgler October 19, 2007
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