A brothel, bordello, or whorehouse. They are found in the Dominican Republic and wherever there is a large population of Dominicans. Typically fronted as a bar with rooms upstairs for sex, they have been found to be entire apartment buildings in New York's Washington Heights neighborhood.
Oye, pero eta tipa se cree que yo no la vi trabajando en el ballu de la 175.

Tenia gana de beber y rapar, so arranque pal ballu.

Me cogio mi mujer saliendo del ballu.
by www.tumalditamadre.net October 07, 2010
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The round, spherical apparatus attached firmly to the end of a male Peeko bird's beak, also known as the B.O.P. magnificence enhancement marble.

The Ballus emits magical frequencies into the atmosphere which can be heard up to 7 miles away. These magical frequencies draw in female Peeko birds to nest with and mate. The female Peeko bird cannot resist the urge to to their B.O.P. trot as they float closer and closer, suspended in air, to the source of
this orgasmic sound. Their wings flutter and their head twitches from side to side as their tail feathers fan out. This process can carry out for several hours.

Once within the 10 foot radius of the intensely magical sound waves, the female bird is in a heavenly trance.. inching closer and closer to the incredibly shiny sphere that is Ballus.

The male bird now does a B.O.P. trot of his own while the female bird, still suspended in the air pocket that Ballus has created, coos with affection. The male now moves in and places Ballus in front of her beak and she then latches on... where she will remain for eternity.
Wooooooah... look at the Ballus on that Peeko bird!
by [ King Ballus Himself ] December 01, 2008
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