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(1) A decade old computer videogame that was developed by Black Isle/Bioware. Featuring an incredible composition, mature themes, and seemingly endless possibilities, Baldur's Gate II will forever be realized as the game that revolutionized RPGs.

(2) A game that introduced to us quite possibly the most awesome man alive (outside of the guy from the Dos Equis commercials): Edwin Odesseiron, "Greetings. I am Edwin Odesseiron, but you simians may refer to me simply as 'sir', if you prefer a less... syllable intensive workout."

(3) A synonym used to refer to something that makes you cum in your pants at the mere utterance of it's enchanted syllables because it is so awesome.
Person 1: Dude, have you ever played this game Baldur's Gate II--

Person 2: Shut the fuck up dude, I don't feel like cumming in my pants today.
by Rizzard April 03, 2010
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