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He is known as the guy you call whenever you feel down or just need someone to talk to, he will make you laugh and he can easily put a big smile on your face. He knows how to keep up a conversation, is funny, great personality, has beautiful eyes, and a great body. He has style but only shows it when he goes out because he likes to impress. He knows how to dance so it would be best to let him lead. He is great with the ladies but when it comes to relationships he is commited. He is a great boyfriend and will treat his girlfriend with such respect as if she were his queen by complimenting her and meaning every word. When it comes to being a freak he is one but doesnt show it from that innocent face of his, so he is best known as a closet freak. He is very smart but doesnt know what he wants to be in life yet.., but when it comes down to it he will become someone very successful.
Baldomero has is "IT" all...
Goshh my boyfriend is such a Baldomero.
by girlii101 December 31, 2011
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