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When you finish fucking your girl doggy style while she is bent over a balcony and she ducks before you get off so that your cum can achieve maximum distance as it flies off of the balcony.

VETERAN'S TIP: A well timed Donkey Punch just prior to orgasm can greatly improve the trajectory of your semen.

If you are lucky by the time you finish a small crowd will have gathered below the balcony to watch the show. If you manage to get any sex juice on any innocent bystanders you get to add an extra 10 feet per person (midgets count as double points!) onto the measurement of your spooge.

If your doggy rompin' balcony destroying good time draws too much of a crowd it is highly recommended to perform a filthy ninja and make a quick escape!
Mike: "Hey Kristin I'm feeling pretty strong tonight after snorting those rails of Extenze. How do you feel about heading outside and helping me go for a new Balcony Shot personal record?

Kristin: "Sure that's fine but let me finish my juice box first."
by SillyDilly June 15, 2010
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