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A name which can be considered as obscure and interesting as it's owner. Balamir's will generally act oblivious and will pretend to not understand certain things, but be cautious, more often than not they can know things about you that you didn't even think you'd mentioned. They are generally good at making decisions on impulse although not always the best decisions, many of their decisions being influenced by what best suites them. Many of them will keep things private which may leave you confused if they turn down your offer for no apparent reason. Their goal in life is to generally be able to find their way into the deepest depths of other people, being able to offer insightful advice on issues people may be having. They are selfless people who enjoy the thrill of helping other people deal with their problems, putting any issues they have to the side and generally not speaking of their deepest emotions. A few people will take them for granted or outcast them, but they are an invaluable companion who you can always rely on when the going gets tough.
"I asked that guy, Balamir, for some advice earlier. It really helped me out."

"Balamir sure is a weird guy, but he's pretty funny at that!"
by Emveece March 21, 2013
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