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Balac is this Bulgarian guy I grew up with and became best friends of mine. I must put this on urbandictionary because in my hometown of Salonika (where he was also born), his name is used as a kind of slang phrase for "outrageous bastard" with those of us who we went to school with him. But in a good way with friends, like "ìáëÜêá" ; "malaka".

It is even more funny and irony that his favourite saying he got from his schoolmates in United States is calling people a "sweet bastard"
Balac: (outrageous bastard)
"Ìïõ áðÝóðáóå 500 äñá÷ìÝò, ôé ìðáëáê åéíÜé áõôü!" ; "mou apespase 500 drachmes. ti mpalak einai auto!" (He hit me up for 500 drachmas. what a Balac!).
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