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An evil entity who's goal is for you to not finish your video games. He also enjoys when you get a game over.

Also enjoys Buk Buk Buk 'ing when you fail.

A mascot of sorts for the epic website known as the Backloggery
-Baklaag's Song-
Go forth, my minions,
buy a shiny new game!
The merchants will thank you,

though wallets might blame.

So many adventures
for you to begin!
Ignore your old titles,
it's hardly a sin.

Let those kingdoms rot,
whose worlds you've seen.
For if you bring closure,
you'll just end the dream.

Though maidens may weep,
ever locked in their tower.
And villains rejoice,
secure in their power.

You need not mind,
you'll be safe in a trance.
Chasing every new fad,
you don't have a chance.

So heed not the calls,
"Everyman!" and "Good luck!"
And feed the unfinished
while I "BUK BUK BUK!"
by Master_Ickolas June 09, 2010
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