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*Bakey Faced*
- the outcome of one hell of a bake sess-o..its probably the greatest feeling in the whole entire world..its when you smoke so much marijuana that you can't help but look blowed..act blowed..and just be blowed..

how can you tell your bakey faced?
-eyes become blood shot..
-you get cotton mouth..
-smile from ear to ear..
-laughing about anything..
-smashing on munchies..

the difference between being high..and being bakey faced
-when your high you can still function appropriately..
-when your bakey faced, you honestly can't control yourself..
ex: when your high, you may smash everything in the fridge.. when your bakey cash the fuck out at any fast food place..ordering enough food to feed an
"we just blew lyke 8 rello' soo fuckin bakey faced"
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