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1. A term used to describe an individual who frequents in "bait" behavior and "baiting out". Bait behaviour often includes blatant cannabis induced inhibition (characterised by over-exaggeration, loudness, and paranoia). Baiting-out refers to a brief stoner spasm where an individual reaches ridic levels of "baitness".

2. A term to describe a blazing location that is a "hotspot" or "heavily in the public eye". Bait Skeen cotches often provide stoners with an adrenalin rush, knowing that they could be intruded upon at any moment.

3. A term to describe a situation that exemplifies the doctrine of "baitness".
1. "Fucking hell Westface you're such a ridic bait skeen walking round with your eyes as red as that."
2. "Shit man this place is a fuckin bait skeen theres no way im billing up here." (see: Browns)
3. "Ahh man wouldn't rate the 5-0 this is a baiiiiiiiiit skeen" *gesture Mex to hide his persies*
by Zippy Longstockings November 17, 2006
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