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A certain type of male species (Bailey Mathew) that posses breasts that can only be described as a X cup, unheard for any Homo sapien(which is the comparable species) let alone one of the male gender. It has been contended by certain evolutionary biologists that, this species is a result of mating with Neanderthals. A connection between cup size and evolutionary development has not yet been established.
I hope they carry Bailey Mathew size in K-Mart.

Person 1: OOOOoooo, Here comes a Bailey better clear out

Person 2: I wouldn't worry i think he's wearing a sports bra
Person 1: Did you not here me a Bailey's coming, we need to move know!
Person 2: I've only ever heard wife's tales about the 'Bailey' who smashes windows if he's to near when it gets cold, let's go.
by John Long-stockings November 27, 2013
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