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First you must aquire a women that is open to unusual sexual postions (or just good and drunk). After removing articles of clothing, place pillows and even two chairs far enough apart so she can fit between them. Place her on her head, and spread her legs as far as they can go. This is a balancing act for her, but the two chairs should help. Now brace your legs firmly on the ground and make a fist. Raise your arm, while jumping as high as possible and firmly plant it into the womans vagina (punch her in the pussy), making sure your fist meets terminal velocity. If done correctly it must sound like a bowling ball being dropped into mud (and yes there will be blood). Keep in mind this is perfectly illegal in all 50 states, so have some fun, and make her scream!
Guy: "Hey want to try a Baide Bomb tonight?"
Girl: "what's that?"
Guy: "well lets go try it out and you'll see..."

Guy: "Sorry officer I learned it on"
by Scotty Beebee March 24, 2007
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