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Main Entry: Bag.of.Rats

Pronunciation: \'bag əv, 'rats\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): bag.of.rats
Date: 1625

1 : A girl, who is showing permanent physical evidence of being a sloppy drunk. With a smoke tattered voice, droopy fun sacks and leathery skin.

2 : Anyone who gets a bit too drunk requiring their friends to have to take care of them making sure they dont get in fights, arrested or asleep in the middle of a ditch
"You brought Alexis to your moms birthday picnic? Dude, she is a total 'Bag of Rats'!"

"Yeah that bartender chick looks good here in the dark bar, but in the daylight watch out..Bag of Rats dude....Bag of Rats"

"Dude, after that vodka last night, you got way Bag of Ratty. You tried to pick a fight with some poor guy just for having a goofy hat"
by TNutZz April 11, 2010
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