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A backwards kicking (usually male) highly aggressive person. Usually known for their surprise attack personality and ability to induce strokes. Though there are no known weaknesses, it has been reported that biting the calves of a badass warrior fighter will buy time. While a normally forward walking mammal, the badass warrior fighter is known most for it's backwards kicking and the strength of such kicks. If has been up for debate for some time whether the strength of the backwards kicks are to blame for the strokes it's victims suffer... or if some other hidden mechanism causes them. One thing is for sure, while it may appear that the badass warrior fighter walks on 2 legs, it hides a 3rd leg. However, no one is quite sure where this 3rd leg is hidden, as discovery of said leg only occurred when a National Geographic team was cornered and brutally beaten with it.

Also reported have been instances of badass warrior fighters with glass eyes in their right ocular cavity. While the exact reason why only some males have this trait is unknown it can be assumed that it may have been caused by territorial battles with rival badass warrior fighters; possibly over territory, or a mate, or stroking rights. It is known however that due to this fairly uncommon disability if find yourself in a situation where you are cornered by a badass warrior fighter, if you can get them to face 30 degrees to your left you will essentially be in its blind spot.
Tanya was attacked by a badass warrior fighter man, and was forced to bit his ankles... even though she was suffering from a stroke.
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