In a first-person shooter video game's online multiplayer (ex. Call of Duty: Black Ops), it is when no matter what the online player does or what gun he or she changes to, the player can never seem to get their aim on the enemy. This usually results in the player shooting all around the foe and and never hitting them thus resulting in the them being shot and killed by such enemy(s) over and over; very frustrating. Symptoms can last anywhere from a hour to a week and in the worst cases longer. Cause is still unknown. Cure is still also unknown but usually some good fast food or some vaginal sex helps relieve the condition; oral sex has also been documented to help.
Gamer 1: "Dude its no use, I think I have bad-aim syndrome to the max. I can't shoot anyone."

Gamer 2: "Damn, change something up quickly or hey even better take my girl for the night and clear that up and get better."
by TERRORMOTO December 24, 2010
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Have you heard about Luke, he developed bad aim syndrome. I don't think we can play together anymore.
by Cheisz April 22, 2020
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