Any of a long list of beers consumed consistently from cans, usually offered from macro breweries for dirt cheap. Available in a wide rang of alcohol percentages, from the 3.5% in many lights beers, to such bad beer power houses as steel reserve, and high gravity weighing in at 8.1%. Bad beers are celebrated for their clutch delivery of a total enebriated state when consumed in mass quantity in a binge drinking situation. Contrary to what the name suggests bad beer is actually very enjoyable and refreshing.
Milwaukees Best is a quintessential bad beer due to its outrageous claims, watered down taste, over carbonation, and white trash appeal.
by BIG E of B-40 November 20, 2006
When you drink too much beer and make bad decisions.
Guy1: Dude what happened last night?
Guy2: I don't even know, but it was def bad news beers!
by Classy Lady V. 1.0 September 27, 2010