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A mixture of salad croutons, beef jerky and shredded cheese.

The Bacon Fist, although sounding like a crude sexual maneuver is actually based in the culinary world. A delicious party favor or snack for road trips.
"wow i could truly go for the bacon fist right now, i'm so hungry."

"Hey Mrs. Guitard, Would you please pass the bacon fist, what kind of croutons are in here? ceaser? excellent, thanks!"
by Matthew67 May 02, 2008
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a two man band known for they're unique style of music. Which consists of blends of Hip-Hop and Techno.
Tom: Yo man, you check out that Bacon Fist mixtape i gave you?

Tom's Friend: Yeah bro! Some crazy stuff on there, i loved it!
by NY4Life November 11, 2013
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