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An amazing technological solution for people with too much stuff and too little bacon.

The ultimate example of American innovation, the Bacon Ray uses science to transform anything and everything into piles of mouth-watering perfectly prepared bacon.

the manufacturer warns that use of the bacon ray may cause sudden weight gain, alarmingly high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, and in frequent cases sudden death.

Also the act of using said device to transform some unappreciated object into a pile of bacon.
Example (use 1):

P1: Did you hear John got himself a Bacon Ray?
P2: Yeah, I guess his family bought the expansion pack too.
P1: He just got it yesterday, but apparently he solved world hunger and saved the trailer park from a tornado.
P2: !!

Example (use 2):

P1: My neighbor's pet is so obnoxious.
P1: Lol, no.

Search for "the Bacon Ray" on YouTube for more examples.
by Mr. RandomCrazyStuff April 08, 2010
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