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The students in the class room who always sits in the back no matter the class
"Hey Marko, join us up front!"

"Nah man, i'm a backrow hoe."
by Jizzlebang November 03, 2008
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Somebody who takes gum out of the back of the package of gum before taking those at the front.
me- Dude I handed her my pack of stride gum and she took from the back row while four perfectly good pieces sat int he front.
Steve- wow what a back row hoe
me- I know right?!
by ((I'm-watching-you)) February 20, 2010
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A "Back-row-hoe" is not a commonly used word/refrence and it is most likely you've never once heard anyone say this to someone else, but basically it can mean a few things but the mostly it translates to a female being such a huge hoe that she has intercourse usually more than 17 times a day, everyday in a row, but everytime she would take it in the ass
John- I was at Jenna's yesterday and we were about to fuck untill I saw this gigantic gapping hole where her ass was so then I just yeeted out of there

Jeff- I knew she was a "Back-row-hoe
by YouAdopted. November 18, 2018
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