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This maneuver is similar to a standard uppercunt in which a woman receives an uppercut to her vagina. In this variation, however, two additional criteria must be satisfied:
1) The uppercunt must be performed while grasping a straightened wire coat hanger.
2) The woman in question must be pregnant.
The hanger is punched (hook end first) into the vagina of a pregnant woman, deep enough to effectively penetrate the uterus. The hanger is then quickly withdrawn, pulling out the fetus with it, thus resulting in an abortion. For best results, it is recommended that the hanger be rotated one-quarter turn following insertion to ensure the hook properly skewers the fetus.
My girlfriend told me that she was pregnant and neither one of us had the money to pay for an abortion so I solved the problem with a back-alley uppercunt.
by frush September 17, 2009
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