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When ya bitchass friends can't handle how much tobacco you put in your chop/mull so you keep it chill for them and slap a little finger-rolled ball of tobacco in the bottom of ya bowl/cone piece
"pass the cone piece g I'll pack you a cone"

"In a second bro the mulls got fuckall spin so let me jam a baccy ball"
by spunJZ May 15, 2018
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A small bit of tobacco that you put in a joint towards the filter tip which you can specifically finishing your joint. This is to either a) not waste any weed due to throwing the joint away before it's completely finished, or b) to avoid burning your lips and/or fingers from trying to smoke the joint til the very end, because you know there's no weed left in the joint. Also gives you a little nicotine hit to finish.
A: yo i can't taste any weed in this anymore??

B: yeah mate I baccy balled it
by madwaves173 March 31, 2019
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