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A Babylynn is chill,nice, loving and caring.A Babylynn is most likely shy.A Babylynn will try to shut out the people who cares for her.A Babylynn is very emotional,but she won't show it.A Babylynn doesn't like to hurt others feelings.Sometimes a Babylynn finds it hard to say no.A Babylynn can also be talkative.A Babylynn can be loud at times too.A Babylynn doesn't like to fall in love because she doesn't want to be the one who gets heart broken.A Babylynn is most likely in love with food.A Babylynn can be easily misunderstood.Others would judge a Babylynn just by looking at her.Others needs to understand they should get to know a Babylynn.A Babylynn likes to stay out of trouble, but when a friend needs help, a Babylynn will try her best to do whatever,but a Babylynn needs to ask herself "would the do the same?" A Babylynn is most likely down for her friend's, but are they down for her? A Babylynn knows who's talking behind her back, but she doesn't do anything because shes doesn't want to make it a big problem. A Babylynn is mature enough on what to do with things like that.A Babylynn is not the jealous type.A Babylynn will understanding.A Babylynn is a bad bitch, a fighter, not a leader nor follower, but her own person. ABabylynn is hard to find. You'll be lucky if you have a Babylynn.
A Babylynn is hard to find.
by Meaning of Babylynn June 05, 2018
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