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A Babyjester ( Baby + Jester ) is a term used to describe people who have a toxic attitude towards edgy content. Babyjesters are people who act like spoiled infants and are always trying to be funny, to the point where it's cringy.

Overuse of dank memes, using ugly facial expressions as profile pictures and not being able to take anything seriously always attempting to force unfunny jokes.

Babyjesters will often say things similar to this:

"Your favourite colour is black? You're such an edgelord!"
"You like anime? You're such an edgelord!"
"You know who Nitzsche was? You're such an edgelord!"
"You take everything seriously! Like, you do u even human??? Ewwww! Edgy!"
"Kill yourself you emo edgelord!"
That one salty person who keeps talking about dank memes called me an edgelord for wearing black pants. He was a real babyjester.
by AlexXx Mercer June 07, 2018
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