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A pokemon, specifically Donphan. Used when referencing a Donphan who was traded from a female player.
She gave me a BabyBunny, the other day... now its level 70.
by Babybunny October 30, 2006
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A Nickname for a cute, strong but delicate female!

A girl whom is incredibly beautiful, from their chest pubes down to their ball fro's they are immaculate!
Baby Bunny's are super sweet and can be quite the smooth talkers, don't let them fool you! Baby Bunnies were born with a neck that gets sore from time to time and it takes a nice gentle rub to make the bunny feel at ease again.
Don't ever disturb in time of hygiene, they like to take their time and bathing is essential to their daily sanity.

A BabyBunny needs sleep, one of the most needed things for a bunnies success. You must always love the bunny and give them lots of reassurance.
WOW I love my babybunny! She is absolutely gorgeous and bunnerific!

Person 1:Would you mind if i borrowed your Baby Bunny for the dance?\
Person 2: Hell to the N-A-W Cuzzo That be my Baby Bunny

Person 1: Alright then, I guess ill have to go alone...
by ThruthbeHeard December 11, 2016
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