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Used to describe a particularly rare specimen of collectible.
Originates from the title of card number 88 of Topp's 1983 Return of the Jedi chewing gum card series, "The Baby Ewok", a particularly hard card to acquire.
Dude, Name of elusive person has just become my friend on Facebook!.

Bro, she's a Baby Ewok!.
by David Larsen August 18, 2007
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when, after a night of sex, drugs, partying and crushing two 7-11 hotdogs. you shit out something furry with big cute eyes and it swims around the bowl calling you by your first name.
you would not belive what happened to me this morning. Not sure what I did last night but i just shit out a baby ewok. The weird thing is it knew my name!
by Myles Deep August 16, 2008
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