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A baby bonus is the Australian government's answer to all of Australia's problems. Originally intended to assist parents of newborns with the costs associated with having a new baby, it was the brainwave of then Treasurer, Peter Costello.

Having most likely never associated with the Hoi-Polloi, it perhaps didn't occur to him that this would encourage bogans to start breeding more than ever before and there has since been a rise in bogan numbers of pandemic proportions.
Dazza: Hey Shazza, ya got me 10 bucks I lent you last dole payment?

Shazza: Nar, they ran out of the done down at the chemist warehouse, had to go to the normal place and they don't sell generic down there so it cost me an extra 10 bucks. I know, we'll just get me knocked up and get that baby bonus off centrelink!

Dazza (after giving Shazza black eye): Yeah orright.
by Brown Trash February 07, 2010
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