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The sure sign that the website you've visited is trying so badly to generate more page views that they've reached the last resort. The point of no return. The lowest common denominator of desperation.

It goes like this. You're scanning the sections at top of the site and you see all the usual tabs like News, Reviews, Cheats, Walkthroughs... and then there's "Babes." Really?, you say to yourself as you shake your head.

"Babes tab" refers literally to that tab at the top of an otherwise unrelated website; it also refers metaphorically to any media outlet reaching that sad level of hopelessness.
I knew it was over for IGN as soon as they added the Babes tab.

G4 has become the Babes tab of TV channels.

Men's magazines have been in the Babes tab business for decades.
by Taco Watson June 01, 2010
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