Babe Couples are people in relationships who when talking to each other use the word: ‘Babe’ in every single sentence.

Most couples use ‘babe’ in every sentence when they first get together (to let every man and his dog know that they are together) but after a while this wears off. There are many couples who do it throughout their relationships. These relationships can go on for years, this is extremely irritating for friends of theirs who are single.

There are also many couples who call each other various variations of babe, such as: bae, baby, bun. This is not as annoying as babe but still reminds the single friends of theirs how depressingly single they are.
The following is a typical conversation that Babe Couples have:

Boy: Hey babe can you pass me that condom?

*she passes over the condom*

Girl: There you are babe.

Boy: Thanks Babe

Girl: You’re welcome babe

Single person in the room: (to themselves) for fuck sake
by Pizza Man 26 December 25, 2019
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