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I would think it would really be "Baa Ram Ewe," because it was sheep talking. In the movie "Babe," Ma the Sheep gives Babe this "password" to get the sheep he was herding to listen to him and to realize that he's not a "wolf" like the "other" dogs. The sheep hear it, and, as only sheep know about this secret phrase, instantly respect Babe and quiety cooperate, allowing Babe to impress the farmer and win a sheep herding competition.
Babe said "Baa ram ewe" and the sheep instantly decided to listen to him out of respect for the late Ma.
by princessjessa February 19, 2005
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From the movie Babe when he made all the sheep do what he wanted. Like making stupid people dissapear like poof!
by LaniRotten October 06, 2003
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