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1. Noun: Someone or something that simply epitomizes gross, slobbiness etc.

2. Noun: A man who appears to be pregnant due to the bizarre shape of his stomach.

3. Noun: A man who attempts to be stylish but wears designer jeans that dont fit right and consequently need to be tucked UNDER his belly (aka BYUU).

4. ADJ. A word used to describe extremely tight fitting clothes.

5. ADJ. Also can be described for anything that is regarded as effeminate.

6. Noun. Social Fool; does not know how to properly hold a conversation with another human.

7. Noun. A person who owns property on fire island.

Synonyms: GROSS
Wow you snort cocaine off garbage can lid...stop being such a byuu.

What the hell is up with your stomach; u look normal from the back and then when you turn around you have an oddshaped oblong BYUU (belly).

Why are you trying to rock paper denim and cloth, they are WAY too byuu for you..they dontmake them in your size obviously.

I cant believe you wailed that are such a byuu.

UM, can you please LOOK at me when you are talking to me and stop doodling on your notepad you fucking byuu.

Fire Island= BYUU
by Johnny Vague March 03, 2005
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