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When you take a step back and notice the most ridiculous BS & hypocrisy that all those who seem overly-eager to judge everyone else seem to be dishing out on the regular, so you hit the "bs-limit" known as your "BULLSHIT METER" limit. FO' LYFEE!

Also whenever you are criticized for acting/looking silly bc you actually know how to laugh and people who are miserable cannot stand to witness. (Instead of joining others in friendship and enjoying life) They tend to want to create unnecessary misery instead of happiness. Therefore, that kind of fuckedupness registers the BULLSHIT METER with a smile back. ;)
Those haters got the BULLSHIT METER dinging like a MOTHAFUCKA. Why THE F can't people just be fucking happy/nice/respectful? :/
by SoManyTimesNope. July 05, 2017
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It tells how much bullshit is in a certain place. gamefreak202020 normally uses it, and got banned from IGN for 3 days for using it. ALL HAIL THE GAMEFREAK EMPIRE!!111!!
by gamefreak202020 March 23, 2005
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