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A cross between a nerd and a dodgy man an individual whom secretly believes he is really his favourite character from any number of Sci-Fi or Cult television shows, comic books, anime series, films or books (for example the character 'Avon' from the 1980's British Sci-Fi series 'Blake's Seven' or the character 'Davros The Creator' from the British cult Sci-Fi series 'Doctor Who') the BT boy often harbours unhealthy fetish’s such as sleeping with virtual cartoon women, women with glasses on, or just women. When not skiving off and surfing the web whilst at work he can be found playing computer games whilst eating junk food (usually consisting of a curried Indian take-away) choosing from an assortment of dishes containing beef, beef and sometimes beef. A BT Boy can also be found watching copious amounts of Porn, Japanese Anime, various mediocre Sci-Fi shows and cartoons whilst dying horribly within the virtually simulated world of one of his online computer games.

Although fairly well educated, politically his ideology tends towards Fascism, with a morbid fascination for anything pertaining to warfare, tanks, guns, death, destruction and German SSS uniforms. This sense of totalitarianism often reveals itself during the many gaming sessions many BT Boys have when playing such table top games as Warhammer or Risk and despite being the complete opposite the BT Boy can often be found in the company of the commie.

The highlight of the BT Boy's week is often torn between attempting to go out clubbing at the weekends only to loose his wallet, whereby he then undergoes the thrilling adventure of having to cancel all his bank and credit cards, and sharing his company with the Morgue.

Indeed the B.T Boy can often be found with the Morgue where together their usual excitement for the day is to hang out and watch 'Robin of Sherwood' on DVD whilst eating a 'Masala Pot' and sprouting dubious and often misplaced quotes from numerous past and present television shows and feature films (more often than not of the Sci-Fi genre).
'Cheeky Monkey!' 'Help us Obi Wan. You're our only hope!' 'I'm not dodgy, I'm nice guy B.T.' 'I'm gonna kick your ass!' 'Evil one!' 'Don't you trust me? I'm your friend.' 'Whaahaahaahaahaa' ‘I am the Mastah’ ‘Commie gits’.
by Siona Beht June 22, 2004
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