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An annoying man that wanders around near BRC Clearing Yard and bothers railfans who sit to watch the trains. Some of his actions include grabbing his dick and pointing at the train crews going by, getting excited over airplanes flying overhead, and blabbing on with his one eye closed. He will threaten you with a lawsuit if you are present with a dog and will whisper at you to get off the grass, especially if your name is JR. Best way to evade him is to confuse him by changing your name every 2 minutes. Quotes include "UP man, UP!" and "JR, get off the grass!".
Guy 1: Dude, the BRC Guy was annoying as hell!

Guy 2: Yeah, he whispered at me "JR, get off the grass".

Guy 1: Yeah, and when I was waiting for Union Pacific train he yelled "Look, UP man! UP!"
by Chrisracer April 18, 2011
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