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Baureihe 80 a particular type of compact German steam powered shunting locomotives build for the Reichsbahn.

The model of same locomotive.
Due to being cheap to make as a miniature this locomotive was often featured as a model train in starter kits and in the kind of model railroad kits you would often sell to kids around Europe, hence many grown up European enthusiasts often had a BR 80 as the first locomotive in their collection. And an equal amount probably lost their interest in model railroad due to the sometimes rugged quality of these models and the fact that they usually featured in the most stingy equipped starter kits together with only a couple of wagons, no switches and only with enough track to make a boring loop.


Being in an early and/or less glamorous stage of something or having beginners equipment.
BR 80 was a common middle heavy steam shunting locomotive in Germany for many years.

I remember my first model train, it was a BR 80 by Lima with a green passenger car, it was a horrible train. But I still keep it.

I know that my camera is terrible but I am at the BR 80 stage of photography.

If you want to start programming micro controllers start with the Arduino Uno it is BR 80
by Danmark December 26, 2012
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