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A company run by a horde of retards who completely fucked up the Gulf of Mexico and the southern coastline with its dangerous oil spill. Also refers to any other company that profusely screws up something major and calls it "a huge and regrettable mistake" (AIG, for example); or it can refer to a group of people who vandalize a person's property or vehicle then hires other people who are willing to take the blame.
Victim: "Oh my gosh! Wtf took the parts off my Lamborghini?" Vandals: "It was Jack and Dick." Victim: "Did you two assholes really do this to my once-good whip?" Fake Vandals: "Yes we did sir." (The oil now leaks out of the hapless piece of junk, then it bursts all over the man's house, much like Old Faithful bursts water out of its geyser-filled hole) Fake Vandals: "Oops, it wasn't us we just got paid to lie to you" (Takes the money and runs off) Vandal #1: "I told yall we shouldnt have trusted dem snitches now we gotta pay him back for collateral damage and spontaneous combustion" Vandal #2: "I know let's give him a BP (blowpop) and he'll probably forget this has ever happened!" Vandal #3: "I agree with him Two Thumbs Up and head raised too." Vandal #1: "Aight, i'm down wit dat." "BP (Big Pussies) all day!" (And what a perfectly great resemblance of Big Pussies that was too.)
by ogdajuiceman June 16, 2010
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