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an abbreviation for "boats n' hoes". It is a reference to the iconic movie Step Brothers (2008) and their ... interesting... first song for Prestige Worldwide.
Ex. "Boats n' hoes (BNH) gotta have me my boats n' hoes." - Dale on Step Brothers
by wifipirate October 22, 2011
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An acronym for Bringing Niall* Home

*Niall Horan, member of the British Boy Band, One Direction
uGHH i wish i had a boyfriend, i just want 2 bnh!!!!!1
And show him to my muM!!!
by mmmwhatchuusayyy September 09, 2012
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Back Neck Hickey - the first thing you say when your mum sees your new tattoo on the back of your neck.
"it's not a tattoo mum! it's a BNH!!"
by Bronman & Juicy March 28, 2008
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