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A girl that rides BMX and dosen't care what anyone thinks of her. A BMX girl could be the only girl down at the skate park and she would not care about the comments that people make. BMX girls often prefer hanging out with guys rather than girls. They would always rather be riding that be stuck at school or shopping with a group of girls. A BMX girl is a fierce protector of the people she cares about and will fight to the death for them but she will not randomly start a fight with people (even if they are skaters). This girl will be fiercely loyal to who she thinks is worthy of it and will not let them down under any circumstance. These girls are very independent and love being free to do what they want, these girls will not stand for people trying to take advantage of them, but mostly these girls just love to ride BMX
person 1 : wow look at her ride, she is amazing.
person 2 : yeah she is a BMX girl.
person 3 :wanna see if we can get with her?
person 2 : not a good idea bro. She will kill you.
by if i cared August 26, 2017
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a BMX girl, is i girl that rides a bike for her life. She can pull the sickest tricks down at the local skate park and not care that she is the only girl down there. She will fight for the she cares about but will not fight someone for the sake of it. She doesn't care about what other people think and will make that very clear, she is often the type of girl that would much rather be out on her bike down at a track rather than going shopping or gossiping with a group of girls. most of the time she will get on better with guys better that with fellow girls. She does NOT obsess over boys.
person 1: wow she is pulling some awesome tricks
person 2: yeah she's a BMX girl
by if i cared August 26, 2017
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